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FOAMETIX vs. Traditional

FOAMETIX® vs. Traditional Insulation

·         Traditional insulation products have lower R-values for any given thickness than FX 200 and FX 245 spray applied insulation systems. FOAMETIX® initial R values range from 4.3 to 6.7 per inch.

·         Traditional insulation products contain inherent gaps that allow for convection, or wind blown heat loss. As a significant percentage of energy is lost due to these convection currents, spray foam insulation systems are a better insulation option. Unlike fiberglass or cellulose, FOAMETIX® spray applied polyurethane foam systems are sprayed directly onto the surface as a liquid and expand as an insulating barrier that adheres directly to the building structure. Unlike traditional insulation, FOAMETIX® forms an airtight barrier filling all the cavities and crevices that traditional insulation cannot effectively seal.

·         Traditional insulation products are known to sag, settle and lose their thermal efficiency. FOAMETIX® superior insulation systems are semi flexible foams with elastic qualities that allow the foam to move with your home's natural process of shifting and settling keeping your home securely insulated year after year. FOAMETIX® closed cell spray applied polyurethane foam systems even improve the structural integrity of your home.

·         Traditional insulation products are non-cellular fibrous or cellulose in nature and contain Formaldehyde, a known toxin, used as a binder in the manufacturing process. FOAMETIX® proprietary formulas contain no HCFCs, VOCs or formaldehyde making FOAMETIX® insulation systems free of toxic air contaminates.

·         FOAMETIX® tight cell structure makes it an efficient air barrier that effectively seals against the influx of outdoor pollutants and allergens. As a natural air containment formula, FOAMETIX® adheres to areas that traditional insulation is inherently incapable of bonding.

·         FOAMETIX® sprays on as a liquid and expands as polyurethane foam, adhering to the structure and forming a continuous insulation barrier. FOAMETIX® prevents outside air from entering the attic, reducing the influx of outdoor pollutants and allergens. By forming an airtight seal, rain water is eliminated from entering the attic, reducing the risk of fungal growth and damage to the building materials. As traditional insulation takes on moisture, R-values are lost and the product begins to sag and is rendered useless.

·         FOAMETIX® insulation systems are professionally installed with plural component high pressure industrial spray equipment.

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